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Dealing With Divorce

Divorcing your partner can be a messy business. Believe me, I have had first have had first-hand experience of this process. When my wife said she wanted to leave me I didn't know what to do. I knew that we would have to go to court but the idea of dealing with the legal aspects of the separation frightened me more than the emotional aspects. Thankfully, I found a great family law attorney who helped me every step of the way. When I first sat down with my lawyer, I knew he could help. He explained everything I needed to know and ensure that the divorce was dealt with in the best possible way.


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Divorce Tips: A Guide on Divorce in Australia.

Couples in dysfunctional relationships may opt for divorce. If you plan to divorce your partner, read the extract below for a few tips.  Determine the Legality of Your Divorce Consult a family lawyer to evaluate the legality of your divorce. For example, in Australia, you must be separated for at least one year for the court to grant you a divorce. On the other hand, couples married for less than two years need a counselling certificate. Read More