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Dealing With Divorce

Divorcing your partner can be a messy business. Believe me, I have had first have had first-hand experience of this process. When my wife said she wanted to leave me I didn't know what to do. I knew that we would have to go to court but the idea of dealing with the legal aspects of the separation frightened me more than the emotional aspects. Thankfully, I found a great family law attorney who helped me every step of the way. When I first sat down with my lawyer, I knew he could help. He explained everything I needed to know and ensure that the divorce was dealt with in the best possible way.


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Common Family Law Issues

Family law is a specific area of the law dealing with the complex relationships that can arise in familial situations. Four of the main issues found in Australian family law are child custody and support, spousal support, how to divide property and divorce or separation problems. While many of these issues are often no trouble for families, with the modern inclusions of step-children and other relatives, simple problems can become legal issues. Though divorce and separation are the classic examples of where family law advice is needed, these other scenarios also fall into the family category. If you find yourself in a tricky situation relating to one of these problems, a family law attorney is probably your best bet at ensuring that nothing ends up disputed or over-complicated. 

Child custody and support

Child custody and support agreements seem simple on paper. However, they become much more complicated in practice. Simple questions, like which partner picks your child up from school on a Thursday, can become difficult upon separation. Family law experts know how to deal with these problems by going over the wording of your custody arrangements and letting you know whether your interpretation is correct. Likewise, with child support, breakdowns in communication can often occur. If there is a dispute between you and your ex-partner or ex-spouse regarding your child, seeking legal advice can help to clarify your position and work out a resolution.

Spousal support

Spousal support arrangements are complicated as they often come about as the result of divorce or separation, as ongoing help from one spouse to another. Similarly to child support, the involvement of money means that spousal support is a family law issue often contested in court. It doesn't have to go that far if you seek good family law attorneys who know how to negotiate with each other. They should be able to reach a satisfactory outcome regarding your spousal support arrangements. 

Property division

Whether you're currently in a relationship and wanting to protect your property, or wondering what you can get upon separation, turning to family law will help you work out the best outcome in terms of property division. If you haven't signed prenuptial agreements, there are still ways to legally keep your property separate from the relationship property, usually by way of a trust. Talking to a family law attorney can help you figure out the best method of keeping the property you want or getting the share of relationship property that you are entitled to.